I can see a logged in users account just by having their URL?

I have a webapp that has different user accounts

I just logged into a test account; decided to take the URL and paste it into an unauthenticated browser; and it had somehow had access to that logged in account. Not full access, but like a weird in-between signed in/out state.

This is alarming and I’m certain that I must be doing something incorrectly. How are you all configuring your apps so that this doesn’t happen? Is there some way that I can throw up a sign up/in screen if someone gains access to another users link to prevent them from getting in or causing confusion?



Hi @steffanhowey,

There are 2 things which could be done to minimise this:

  • redirect unauthenticated users to welcome screen with on-screen-enter actions (conditional if Logged-In user → Email is equal to Empty)
  • hide screen content based on the same logic - make a group from all screen elements, and make it conditionally visible.
    This was mentioned here: Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens - YouTube

This should protect against displaying the content for non-authenticated users.

Best regards, Victor.

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