User authentication

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I have a question on user authentication.
How often my users have to log into the app after their first access ? Will the login and password be asked each time ?

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And also, is there any verification done on the email provided by the user when he.she signs up ? Does he.she receive a PIN to enter or something like that ? If yes, is it possible to remove that identity check ?

Hi @Deborah ,

Once logged in, user will not be asked for password anymore.

Once logout, user cannot go to home screen anymore.

By default, no PIN code is sent to email, if you want that, there will need custom action or integration to email service.

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Hello, the user logs in once. Then, he’ll enter without login unless he enters the app from a different device, a different web browser, or a different domain name. For verification, you can use Zapier integration in order to add this action into your app.

Thank you!

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