Create company and user

Hi everyone, I’m learning to use Adalo, and I have a question. I’m creating a project in which the company must be registered and then the user must be registered, I defined a link to the signup page and “send this to signup screean” is automatically generated with the current company, but in the user registration screen - > Available Data appears Current Company Missing from home.
In fields I add an automatic field like Logged in User > Company.

However, when running the preview, the registration of the company is carried out and of the user as well, but a company is not linked to the user in my relationship.

I believe it’s something simple but I’m sinning to solve it myself.

In summary, I need to associate a company to the registered user.

Can you show us the User collection field setup?

yes i can of course.

This is the user collection:

This is the Companyes collection:

This is the User Registration Form

This is the company registration form

This is the submit button for the registration of companies.

That is, when a new user wants to register in the application, they must register a new company and then register their username and then log in to the application.

can you help me with this issue

It’s a bit tough for me to know exactly where the issue is here - I ran a test and had no issues linking company data to the user’s account and displaying that on the home screen.

One of the issues is you’re looking at the sign up screen, so the user might now be authenticated.

As you can see below, I can pull the user’s company info on the home page. It doesn’t show as available data, but it’s linked to the user so you can reference it.