User-configurable tab bar?

I think this is actually 2 questions.

First, is it possible to allow users to self-configure the tab bar (at the bottom of the screen)? I’ll probably keep the home tab locked, and possibly the second tab, but I’d like my users to be able to choose what links appear in the remaining tabs (including the “more” tab).

This leads to my second question: As I understand it, there’s no way to create one master tab bar and have it appear with the same configuration on all screens where I’ve placed a tab bar. I seem to have to build a new one for each screen. Even if I copy paste each time, edits to one copy are not applied to tab bars on other screens.

Is this correct and, if so, even if I could let my users configure their own tab bar, does that mean they’d have to do it for each screen where a tab bar appears?

I don’t know of a way to have users create their own tab bars.

To answer your second question, no you cant create a master (as far as I know), but once you have what you want your master to be, you can just Alt+click/drag it to a new location to make an easy duplicate of it.

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Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t know about Alt+click/drag. I’ve been copy/pasting then dragging. Probably the same thing.

Regarding the tab bar, I don’t want the users to actually create their own tab bars. I just want them to be able to choose which links appear on the the tabs. I was hoping for some kind of edit process, where they can drag and drop or select what goes where. But I guess that’s probably also the same as fully creating a new tab bar. Ok, no problem.

Thanks so much for your feedback.

Do you have any options of the action that will be made? or screen will be linked? or it will be an option creations?

I can think of a way you could get it to work, but it would be pretty complicated and be even more complicated the more combinations there are. Probably not worth it IMO.

For your first question: The only way with Adalo would be to create all the possible bars and then give the user the option to select one. For example, you have tabs A, B, C, D and E.

The user selects D, and you save that as a property of the user.

And at the bottom of the screen, you have all bars, one on top of the other, and each has a visibility rule. Show bar A only if the user selected bar A, and so on for the other ones.

For the second one, yes, you have to copy the bars.

What I have is a screen where I only design my bars. I don’t have anything else in there. All my bars, for all screens, are there, so if I make a change, I first change it there, and then I copy it to the corresponding screen.

Of course, this screen with bars is not part of the app.

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That’s a good idea about the user-configurable tab bars, but I agree, that would be unnecessarily complicated. I’ll just skip the whole idea. Thanks so much.

And I really like the idea of creating a screen just for designing bars. That would be really helpful.

On a related note, tab bars are almost universally common in apps, but I’ve never seen any app that has different tab bars on different screens. I’d really like to see Adalo offer the option to create a single master tab bar.

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