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Good morning,
I have a problem. I created a social network with Adalo and I wanted to put it on play store. google rejected my application twice because my application contains user genereted content. For 1 month I have been stuck on this. I would like to have help urgently (showing me the details to follow please).
thank you in advance

Hi @khadim ,

For UGC, there should be an option to block other users’ posts and messages.

There could be few users that post unwanted content, so reporting post can be useful to make sure the app are used in responsibly manner.

Actually, so I’m looking for a way to do that

Take a look at group chat template,

Play around with it.

Finally Google has accessed the app. I have not needed to change anything except to notify on the terms of use that users disseminating content other than the application is intended are succeptible to have their account deleted.
Thank you for the help and availability

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