User hubs in Adalo


Does anyone know how to create separate sets of users in Adalo?

For example, users from one hospital will only see and be able to interact with members from their hospital and not everyone else who might be from a different hospital.

Is there a way to make hubs and sort users into different hubs when they register on the app? And provide the same app experience for everyone.

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The best way is to keep just one user collection and have a field that identifies the hospital they are at and always filter on it.

Thanks for your reply. How can I do that so that users only see other users from the same hospital using a filter?

I haven’t figured out how to do a drop down section where users can pick a hospital they belong too. Can you help with this?

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Sure. You need to:

  1. Create a collection called hospitals (you can just start with “name” and add eg address fields later)
  2. Create a relationship between user and hospital (you decide if a user can belong to just one or to many hospitals according to your use case)
  3. When a user signs up, add a DDLB that allows them to select the hospital they are part of. You can use the standard user signup form which will now show the Hospital DDLB.
  4. Whenever you are showing a list of users, filter on “user>hospital” = “logged in user>hospital”


Thanks so much for explaining this to me.

I followed your instructions and the list of members just disappeared.
I think I must have messed up the filter. It was weird because the filtered list initially appeared and then quickly disappeared saying No List Items . Any ideas on what have gone wrong? I’m attaching a screenshot. Thanks.


Hmm- It looks right from your screenshot.

The only thing I can suggest is confirm that your logged in user is not blocked and that both logged in and current user do in fact have the same hospital attached.

Otherwise remove one or other of the filters and see if the list reappears to try and narrow down where the “miss” is.

While you’re at it I’d change the filter to use Hospital ID rather than Hospital Name as it just makes it less likely to mess up eg if somehow you managed to get 2 hospitals of the same name.

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