Login functionality with other databases

I understand that Adalo has put External Authentication on its roadmap. The problem is that the app I am building requires two databases of users (let’s say a database for patients and one for doctors) that have the ability to login and use the app. Are there any workarounds that Adalo allows for this kind of functionality?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

You can create an external collection for this. External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources

Hey Kat, I would suggest using the same database for both patients and doctors, but have different profile screens for them.

Include a True/False field to identify patient from doctor. Then use that true/false condition to send a patient to a patient profile and a doctor to a doctor profile.

I imagine patients and doctors would have overlapping data fields, so using one user collection will make it easier to manage your data.

Or you could go with Colin’s suggestion of using external collections.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. However, I’m unsure how to have login capabilities with an external collection if Adalo doesn’t have external authentication.

Unfortunately, something like this won’t be possible until 3rd Party Authentication | Voters | Adalo is implemented.

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