USER responsible for what data input

Hi guys , how do i find out which user inputed what data into my database

You need a relationship between that collection and users. So imagine they are creating a ‘post’ collection where users create posts. Set it up so there is a relationship between users and posts (a user can have many posts, a post can only have one user). Then when someone creates a post, make sure the action updates the user relationship to logged in user.

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ok let me try this

im having a problem with your last instruction. updating the current user to logged in user. i basically want to be able to see how many posts a user has made seperate from another user

  • Create a One to Many Relationship between Posts collection and Users collection.

  • Then you will see one property created in Posts collection as User and one property created in Users collection as Posts. And you can rename them to find them easier!

Posts :

Users :

  • Then in your Creating Post Form add that User property ( in my case I renamed it for Creator ) and add Logged in user as the value.

Then you are done! When user creates a post the logged in user adding to that record.

Ex :

If you need to show how many posts the Logged in user created then you can add a text component and add Logged in user> Posts count from magic text. Or you can add a list and connect it to the Posts collection and change the filter to Logged in user’s>Posts to see that user created posts.

If you need to look at each user created posts count then you can add a list of users and and add as a subtitle as Current User>Posts count or you can link the list to another screen and add a text component and add current user>posts count from magic text.

Thank you

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Corrected my typo in the original post. Need to update user relationship * to logged in user.

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