Problem with data from current user

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem with showing data from the Current User.
Specifically on a user profile page coming from a ‘transaction collection’-record.

In the transaction collection there are 2 user properties:

  • ‘TransactionFromUser’
  • ‘TransactionToUser’.
    One of those is equal to the logged in user for the relevant screen.

When the logged in user == TransactionFromUser there is no problem.
When the logged in user == TransactionToUser the wrong data is shown on the linked profile page (data from the logged in user itself, instead of data from the other user).

I could see where the system gets confused. But I would think that if there are two users to choose from, including the logged in user the Current User should always be the other user.

Has anyone experienced likewise problems? And maybe have a thought to a fix?

Changing the collection to include only one user property would mean rebuilding the whole app-logic, so trying to avoid that… :sweat_smile:

Hope someone has an awesome idea!

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For current user, you would need another list of users, most likely filtered with not logged in user.

Then when choosing with 2 current users, you can do the experiment by choosing either of them, my best guess would be to choose the top for recent list.

Hi Yonki,

Thanks for your suggestion.
My current plan is to duplicate the relevant screens so I can force use of the right data via other collection characteristics. Don’t want duplicate screens, but this seems the easiest fix for now.

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