User Updates Not Displaying on Current Device

Hi All,

I’m stuck. I’ve made an app and the core of it was working fine. Basically users upload images of their items and add them to a shelf to display on their profiles.

Now, when I create a shelf on mobile, images of items that are on the shelves don’t show up unless I click on a screen that shows me just the individual shelf. What’s confusing is that the displays are working perfectly in preview mode. In fact, if I make a shelf on mobile, I can see it update and display new items as they are added in real time on preview mode. This works the other way as well.

The only way I’ve found to have everything display is to uninstall and reinstall the app. I’ll attach some screenshots to show how it looks from mobile with a shelf created there and on preview. No clue why it isn’t updating correctly. You can even see that the shelf is bugged out and displaying over other shelves in the same list. Weird stuff.

Any ideas as to what may be happening?

Just an update, I logged into preview mode today after a few days away and the app was functioning properly. The mobile version still had a shelf with nothing displayed, so I deleted it and after making a new shelf it appears that it is now working properly. I’m assuming this was just something caused on the back end of Adalo?

And today it is working fine on mobile, but not on preview. So weird. Has this happened to anyone else’s apps?