Data updated, but not shown on the screen (previewer)

Hello I have an issue on my Adalo App that happens on one specific screen and not the other.

On my admin page, admin can remove or add admin.

It’s a simple liste with toggle and 1 condition : on the click admin are added, or removed, except if there is only 1 admin left. We have a modal popup to confirm the added/removed admin.

All the actions works correctly. I can also see in the database that the data is updated correctly.

BUT on the previewer when I get back on the admin list it display the old data.
I have to refresh the page or relaunch the previewer for the correct data to be displayed.

Admin are added :

But when back on the list they are not anymore

Althouhg everything is OK on the DB

Then when I kill & relaunch the previewer it is displays correctly.

Has anyone encounter the same issue ? Does it happen only on the previewer or also on other app ?

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