Users click button same time


I am creating app for my client and I would like to prevent one problem. So the app contains open jobs and I added feature where job seeker can book open job for him and then other job seekers can’t see that open job anymore. Also when the job seeker hits the button system automatic sends email for the employer.

So what happens if 2 job seekers clicks the button same time? :smiley:

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Hi @roope257 ,

While it is best if you try it yourself, but my guess is that as long as the conditional is not updated, both applicants are sent.

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Yeah I have to try myself what happens. But the employer wants only one person be able to do the job so if 2 persons clicks same time and got the job I will have to think way to prevent that happening

May I know if you’ve already solved it?

I got same issue

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