Users quantity limitations

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to create a chat. Yes, it’s a chat again)). And my goal is to limit chat users by two person only.
For example one of the chat users can only add one person to chat. At the same time registred person can only add his partner only, so it’s like a criss cross registration
Any idea? Will be glad of any ideas

Hello, i sent you a message.

Hi @AndrewS ,

There are 2 ways of doing this,

  1. Limit with count, so whenever members count > 2, user cannot add anymore
  2. Add another relationship field in conversation collection for another person, if this field is not empty, user cannot add anymore
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Hello @Yongki! Thank you for so fast reply.
I did not mentioned I’d like to understand how to realize this solution
using adalo resources. Or I should code additionally. That’s the question ).
Oh! seems like I did not read yor answer closely. Do you mean Adalo’s conversation collection?
Thank you

Use something like conversations->members->count

You can use it as visibility or conditional

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