Chat app - "Action cannot be completed"

Hi I tried to create a chat app by replicating the default chat app. I already made sure all databases, app pages, and config settings same as the original. However, I’m facing the error as shown below:


Now unable to proceed to moving on to the next page, “start chatting with XXX”.

Hi @cult_xxx_master,

Several things to check :

  1. Do you have Collections Permissions?

  2. The create conversation actions are same actions as the Chat Template create conversation actions right? Is it possible to add some screenshots?

  3. You are Logged in right? There are only two users as test1 and the logged in user ( you ) right?

  4. Are you on the Free Plan? If you are on the Free Plan can you add a screenshot in here clicking the Upgrade Now button?

Thank you

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oh looks like #4 just hit my case. I thought I already deleted all other existing accounts…is this un-reversable to delete? I only have 2 accounts test1 and test2 in use. Yes, I am on a free account.

I think the Plan is not a problem because Adalo made a update that Free Plan can have now 200 records!

Just for test! Delete all the conversations in the conversations collection and all the messages in the messages collection and try again!

And is it possible to add some screenshots of your actions that are attached to the list? Showing the setup and the preview with a video will be also great to troubleshoot!

I’m pretty sure I used to have 200 a few months ago but noticed a few weeks back that it was lowered to 50

I also have the same issue with unable to complete action when trying to update the user profile. This used to work and I have made no changes to the DB permissions for my app. Also tried removing all records to make sure I’m not hitting the limit.


It’s 200! But there it’s showing as 50! Adalo changed the limit!

The logged in user profile right? Not others profiles? If it is does the password property is inside the edit form? If it is remove it and try!

Yes, it’s when trying to change the password for the logged in user.
I’m not using the standard input form for updating the user profile. I tried that but that didn’t work so I’ve created an input text field and when the user click on the Update button there’s a click action that will update the logged in user’s password with the value from the input field.

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