Users will be choosing images from a specific file


How can I let users to chose images from a specific file ? the images will be updated and users will be able to use them while creating an event. The images wont be uploaded by users. They will only choose uploaded ones.

Hello, I didn’t actually understand the question, can you explain more, please?
But if you mean that you want to let the users choose images from a specific file on their devices, I don’t think that this feature is available now. But for example on android devices, if you choose to upload an image from a specific file in the device, it will keep opening the same file every time you try to upload an image from your app.

Hi Ali,
Thank you for the answer! I try to find a way to let users to choose preloaded images. like stock images. They wont be uploading the image from their phone but choosing it from the app.

It is like choosing preloaded avatar images but I wanna do it for background images. I will be updating those background images and users will be able to choose from there.

I could not find a way other than drop down menu but you know it works with texts.

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