Image Picker only allows me to upload files but no option to take photo

I have tried finding information on this topic with no luck. I’m simply looking for the image picker to access the users camera to take a photo. when I click on the image picker currently it just takes me to the upload files screen. it does not ask whether I want to take or upload a photo. I’ve tried updating the permissions of the website to allow access to the camera. I’ve read other similar posts on the subject that show a prompt that asks to take or upload photos. this does not happen for me. Nothing has worked for me. Can someone please assist me with this? Thanks!

What device are you testing on? I’m quite sure that on a desktop or laptop it will default to choosing a file.

Phone or table = choice of upload or take photo
Laptop = choose file.

Hello @Latimer288 . As @Rozza has mentioned, it depends on the device that you’re testing from. So if you’re testing from a laptop or PC, you’ll upload a file not take a photo. So please if you can test it from a mobile phone and let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you!

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