Using gif animation

Hello. In my application, I use GIF animation (loop). The problem is that when a user goes to a page with GIF animation again, the animation is played not from the beginning, but from the point where the user left this page last time. If the GIF animation used is not a loop, then it is played only on the first visit to the page, and is not played on the second visit. I would like that every time a user visits the page, the GIF animation will play from the beginning and always (in the case of non-loop animations).
I tried using Lottie but when I convert my animation to json file and paste the code in the code box - Adalo freezes and the only way is to close the window. Maybe because the code is too big.
Anyone can help me?

Hey, I try to avoid GIFs due to speed. Have you tried pasting the code into The Lottie Component but using Firefox browser. Any time I get freezing issues I revert to Firefox as it can access CPU power. Worth a try… otherwise apologies I’m not sure :thinking:

thanks for the answer. actually I’m not sure that using Lottie will solve the problem.

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