GIF Files not showing on Screen

Hi guys, a simple question. I would like to include the enclosed as part of my Home Screen for some reason it won’t play. Does anyone know if Lottie has a convertor for GIF to a LOTTIE file as a work around? Gif file

Can you check your GIF file because i downloaded it and it doesn’t load as a gif

I also downloaded it and it does not run like a GIF.

I have a GIF in my app and no issues. But anywhere I open that GIF, it runs as such and shows the animation.

The gif worked fine.

@charleshope so you are able to reproduce the error?

Looks like there could be a problem with my GIF file. It works outside of Adalo. I noticed other files work :frowning:

That would be my guess, that the GIF needs to be generated again.