How to attach big size lottie files code

Hey I build my own animation and converted it into lottie file but whenever I put my code into that lottie text it lags out can anybody provide me a idea that how can put my animation to work in my app. Any help like linking external lottie file or any thing that can be done.

Personally, when using some lottie, I try to keep the code for it as simple as possible. Adding one with too many animations or shapes also slows me down quite. As advice I can give, more simpler, better…

Hey can you be specific, how can you help me??

I dont know create lotties. When I want to add one to my app, I try to keep the json as short as possible. A long json slows down my app too much. Hope this can help you…

ohh ok, I have custom built animation lottie file

if anyone can help me with this problem please reply to this thread

How about downloading that Lottie file as a GIF and uploading that to a Image Component?


do gif work as image??

When you upload a GIF to a Image component it works like the Lottie file.

ohh ok lets check

Hey, @dilon_perera there is a problem with this screen that I am trying to load the screen for a few seconds and then transfer to another screen. so how can I do this??

You can use the countdown. Add a countdown to that screen and set the seconds like 3 or 4 and add a link action to the screen that you want to send the user in the countdown finished actions section.

Ok lets check

how to make countdown link automatically with next screen

Add the link action here :


Countdown Finished Actions

Thnx brother. Since past 3-5 days working to solve a problem contacted adalo ticket but they were not responding. Thnx brother for this creative alternate way

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