Using Lists to drill down in master database

Hi there – I am new to Adalo and I am hoping that one of you can help me with a challenge that I have been trying to solve!

I have imported a csv file with 5 columns as shown in the attached pic

The idea is that using the List function the user can drill down from Author, to a new sreen with a List only depicting this particular authors’ Books, and then from Books to a List of Sections from the chosen book and then to Chapters, and finally depicting a text page with the actual Text (it is very short chapters so should be good)

My challenge starts on the first list of Authors which are repeating all the lines meaning that instead of two authors on the list I will see all 12 lines if using the data example pic

Do any of you have any input as how to solve this to enable this “drill down” type of function from a master database?

Thank you in advance :blush:

HI @Jorge and welcome to the community.

It comes down to how you have your collections set up.

It looks like you have all the data in one collection. That won’t work.

For example, you would a collection of Authors and a collection of Books. An author can have many books and a book can have only one author.

Same thought process to the other elements of your data.

Once you have properly design your collections, then you can set up lists that only show a collection. For example, a list that shows your Author collection (only two in your example).

I highly recommend that you search for content on Adalo collections and how to set them up properly.

Hi @charleshope Thank you very much for your reply and I have gone ahead and restructured the master dataset to several collections and linked those. It works well. Thanks again :slight_smile: