Using Xano with a Professional plan - how?


So, I asked if connecting to Xano was feasible either with the Starter plan or with the Professional plan (as it’s heavily advertised as only for the Team or Business plan, which are very outside of my client’s budget), and apparently it’s possible as long as you don’t have the users collection hosted in Xano.

Was wondering if any of you have any experience with it: How would I go about not hosting my users in Xano? Would that mean they can’t even be related in the Xano collections?

Huge thanks in advance!

Yes it can definitely be done. I have done it with a user table in Adalo and all other tables in Xano since 2021. You can connect your users via an email or Id field to the other tables and use filtering.

hey @loneguy do you know if users could then be exported from Adalo if switching platforms?

you can export the user table as a csv.

You can’t export passwords, you’d have to have users reset passwords after migration.