Validate a user's card with stripe so that they scam us

Hello Adalo team, how are you? I don’t know if it happened to anyone, but I see that it’s happening a lot in a client’s app.

Many times payments made by stripe go into dispute because the user says that they did not make that purchase (the bank complains to Stripe), but if they did, then stripe asks us to send them proof proving that the user was the one who made it. the purchase.

The problem is that the component does not allow us to save CARD NAME, NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE in our database, then if the user who registers is called PEDRO but the name of the card is MARIA… then how do you do it? Shall we show stripe? It occurred to me to have them attach a photo of their passport but that doesn’t validate the card because Pedro uploads his photo but the card belongs to Maria.

The problem is that disputes are always lost and it is a waste of money because of these ill-intentioned people who scam us.

What method can you think of to be able to have security when someone pays and know that we will not have purchase disputes?

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