Validating Image Metadata for app

I’m building an app that helps tournament directors manage remote sport tournaments. In order for tournament directors to validate photo submissions they need to validate the location of where the original photo was taken (e.g. entry of submission needs to be at a certain location)

Based on my initial testing with the Adalo image upload and hosting it looks like Adalo takes out most photo metadata including location information.

Does anyone know how to maintain the original photos metadata within Adalo or alternative ways for users to upload photos within the app, but maintain the metadata (imagekit, Airtable, other 3rd party image tools)?

Thanks all!

Hi Brandon,

The Adalify file uploader is an alternative way to upload photos and other files to Adalo.

Do you want to link me an example file? I’ll put it throught the uploader and send you the uploaded file back so you can check whether it has kept all the metadata you need.

Thank @theadaloguy ! I’ll send you an example image 1:1.

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