Values of List as Single String

Thanks for help in advance. Hoping someone knows a way to translate a list of values [title and subtitle] (dates in this example):

to a single text string, comma separated ideally ==> 9/18/2022,9/19/2022,9/20/2022,9/21/2022

thank you!

Hi Magoo,

This would be easier if you’d explain your database architecture a little bit.

I would do this with a list with timers.

You can add a ‘converted to string’ variable True / False for value added

Then have a list of 9/18/2022 et al

Have it ranked newest to oldest.

Have it set to showing a maximum value of 1 and ‘converted to string’ = False

Have a countdown timer that that at end of countdown add date ‘stored value, new value’ wherever you’re trying to save this AND ‘converted to string’ = True

The list should then run through your dates adding them to the string.

Might be a little off from what I said above but I think something similar would work.

Hi Barrett - thank you for the help. For this, it’s pretty simple. I have a single collection of dates, that i am trying to transpose into a single field/text/string that is comma separated


Okay then, I think my above solution should at least lead you in the right direction.

There are a hundred ways to do anything though, so for sure others might find an easier solution.

The “Listify” component by @knight (Adalomatic) can do the trick.

It’s $20 on the “Paid” components tab. It can do exactly what you need, comma-separated values of a list.


Thank you both! @Flawless and @barrettnash

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Hi - Been working through this problem, and while the Listify object does work, it only works at a point in time when the collection is initially filtered.

For my opportunity, I am intending to use your Listify objects to situate and pass date values (x-axis) and metric values (y-axis) to chart. I have tested this and it does work correctly, however when dates are changed, I can’t get the chart to refresh with the new date range values, because the Listify objects don’t dynamically update, even though they have filters set on them. The only way that this works, is for me to leave the screen and come back, then it updates correctly. This is a pain, and from a UX perspective, is terrible.

The Adalo “Simple List” object does dynamically update however, and I am curious to know if it would be possible for the Listify object to reference the “on-screen” Simple List. Or, if folks have a thought on another workaround?

Thank you!

Also, I know there is a component from @Mitch-Pragmaflow , but i can’t get it to install correctly… I am wondering if this would solve my issue, and alleviate all the workaround logic i am trying to implement.

Thank you so much in advance

Yep this part was actually the biggest pain in making the component.
You could use or xano though that may create some performance delays.

but i can’t get it to install correctly

Regarding the component, I would need much more detail to be able to help.

*What steps did you follow?
*What error did you recieve?
*Do you have any logs or debug support?

Please post these as issues on the github repo and tag me.

Thanks Mitch - i definitely appreciate the help. I am hoping my issue is a simple one. Think it’s great you even have the component as an option, although it’s now becoming a personal challenge / goal of mine to make this workaround work…

If you’ve already installed it and you see that message, click on the Developers settings, click “shared with me” and you’ll see the component on the list. You must then click the 3 dot button next to the component and add the component to your team.

Thank you @Flawless, but unfortunately it is not in my “Shared With Me” list. It won’t install

Did you refresh the app after installing the component?

Watch: How to install the Arbitrary Javascript by Pragmaflow into your Adalo app - YouTube

You’ll see it doesnt appear until I refresh. Different component, same process.

I have refreshed. It doesn’t install, that’s the problem

Did you try regenerating a Access Token and adding that and try to install?

Thank you for the suggestion on the token regeneration, but that unfortunately did not work

That’s weird! Is it possible to show how you are doing this with a video?

If you’re not able to get it installed, I would recommend reaching out to the Pragmaflow developers. @TKOTC or @Mitch-Pragmaflow

But if you followed the steps that I’ve outlined in the video, it should install. It’s pretty straightforward, not very complicated.

Have you enabled dev mode in adalo?

I have enabled developer mode. I actually have the “GeoLocationPF” component installed, and was able to successfully get that to go via the same process i am trying for the quickchart component.

thanks again, all.

i have a video of the issue, i’ll see about getting it published here