Change Text to Date in Adalo

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First of all, sorry for my english (I´m a Spanish speaker).

I´m using Sheetdb for an external collection. The date column into Google Sheets appears as text in Adalo. I have try to change but it´s not possible:


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Javi,

I also experienced this issue and I submitted a support ticket. And they said

I looked into the error and this is due to the way that SheetsDB structures their API output.
Adalo auto detects the property type and sets it based on the API response. In this instance, your API is returning the date and time in quotes and when there are quotes around it, it’s no longer an Integer and becomes a String (text). The way to solve this for now would be to use a different API provider for Google Sheets - one that does not structure their response in this manner.

This is expected behaviour for Adalo, and I’m sorry there isn’t an info-bit indicating the same. I have escalated this UX issue where the dropdown allows you to select a property but does not save and this is going to be fixed by our team.Unfortunately if you connect with SheetDB, it will always pass the variables as Text type (this is how their API responses are structured).

You might want to check out other API services to see if they structure their API responses differently, or can possibly use a different database like AirTable.


Thanks @dilon_perera!

Lets think to change to Airtable :face_with_monocle:


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Your Welcome!

Yeah after that I searched for different API’s but didn’t found a one and I started using Airtable and it’s works well and easy to setup.

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