Variables and conditional logic?

Is it possible to create variables and use conditionals? For example, I want to have a greeting that says “Good morning, Galen” or “Good afternoon, Galen” depending on the time of day where morning/afternoon is a variable. Is that possible?

Hi & welcome to the Adalo community!

Yes, you can set that. Below is an image of how that would work.

Remember, Adalo uses UNIX timestamps, so you’ll need to abide by that format.

Thanks! But that’s a whole component visibility, right? What about changing just one word in a text block?

I have the same use case than @galenking in that we would like to personalize a text component based on certain logic. Unless I am missing it, I am not seeing where we would change a text component’s string value based on logic. A Text component’s string value is apparently not accessible through actions.

Okay, ready to be mind blown? This is a bit confusing but follow along with me.

First, add your button then make it a list (three dots next to the List in the image).

Then you can add dynamic content to it as a list! Filter the list according to what you want to show and to be extra safe, you can limit the list to 1 item.

Hopefully that helps!

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