Varying shipping costs

Hey all, thanks so much for always helping. I am trying to set up my app so an order with a subtotal of $30 or higher has free shipping, but under that is charged $6.99. Anyone know how to do this?

Hi @dixonmatt45,

There are various ways to do that.

For example, you can update shipping costs before going to final checkout screen: add a conditional action to update the cart, make it conditional so that is is updates the shipping cost only if cart’s total order value is above 30.

Also you can try to do it mathematically - after some quick research I came up with the following formula: INT(((price-30)*0,000001)+1). It should return 0 if the price is less than 30 and 1 if above. So you. set the delivery cost to 6.99 and multiply it by this formula. It will start working wrong for prices over 1,000,029, but I don’t think it’s a big issue :slight_smile:


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