E-commerce conditional shipping calculation

Hello Adalo Community,

You have been very helpful through the development of my 1st app.
Working on my 2nd one, I have an issue I can’t find a solution anywhere.

I am creating an e-commerce app for a friend, using Adalo’s Rungne Clone template.

The idea is simple; it has 30 or so products of various sizes, with different shipping fees (5 areas/calculation grades).

I set these shipping fees in the product database, as they are different per the size of the items. Upon ordering, user sets their state (which is numbered in a separate column).

I would like my app to do the following;

User set their state

If the state number is greater than 3 less than 5, set the product’s shipping to be grade 3

show the final quote before the payment with the product price and the applicable shipping fee

It seems simple, but I can’t find a way to update a record related to another in the same collection.

Thank you for reading. If you know a related post, it would be much appreciated if you can send me a link.

Hi @nadcjp ,


To do this I use binary total, it could be 2 expressions or more, it can be used for AND or OR, depending what we want to achieve, but we must plan ahead.

Search term binary total in this forum.

This is a cloneable app that you can check for reference.

But hopefully, Adalo make multiple expressions for action in the near future.

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Thank you!
I can see a handful of use cases with your suggested solution.

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