Version Control

How do people usually handle version control here? I don’t want to be working on a published app, with changes appearing live before they’re ‘complete’.

My app is on a custom domain.

Is the best way to do this to copy the app, work on the copy, then switch over the domain once work is finished? I can do this… but it’s a bit clunky especially if it has to be done for daily changes.

Anyone using better methods?



Hi Folks!

Yeah I have the same thoughts on this. Can we possibly have a git integration? So we can only push to master if we are ready to make a new feature live.

Thank you,

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This is definitely on our roadmap. You can vote for it here:

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Thanks @Ben! Now I learned how to request for features! Voted!

cross linking this for sake of having all the version control requests tied together: Best practices for working on a live app without breaking it?