Best practices for working on a live app without breaking it?

Anyone have a tutorial, resource or other rec for how best to do dev on a live app in a way that doesn’t break it in production?
I know we have the “preview” button which is awesome. For screen development it seems like the approach is to clone an existing screen sequence, detach it from whatever button or list originates it on Live and create a hidden screen that does the same. Then you work on this orphaned lineage of assets and when ready to go live, kill the live equivalent and link the dev screens up in its place. That part I think I have a handle on.

How are people working with structural changes to collections though? Is anyone just cloning the entire app and doing dev on a dev instance of it and somehow porting changes back into live? Curious what workflows others are using to reliably protect the live application without having dev become impossibly cumbersome. TIA

Ha - asked the same thing today. With custom domain in the mix.

Joining the thread here.

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