Vertical Image List Image Keep Getting Squish

Hi there,

I am creating a marketplace app and have a list of tours. I have added a conditional image component to show if a tour has available dates, but whenever the image pops up the rest of the ‘non-available’ tour get squish

For Example

I would like the all the tour image to maintain the same size and have the ‘available’ image component pop up on the side

I have tried putting in a rectangle component to hold the space to no luck

I have created a clone app if anyone can help solve this issue!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Edmund,

The problem is the red star has a condition. So when the condition doesn’t met there’s nothing so then it squished. For that you can place a invisible rectangle right to the star and set the opposite condition. So then when the star is invisible then the rectangle is visible.

Thank you

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Thank You!

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