Struggle with custom list

Hello, I am struggling for weeks with custom list, it is quite complex with conditional visibility and so one.

The problem is in the build, the list lose the formatting and everything is compressed (like in the screen), in the preview everything is ok.
What could be the problem?

That’s caused because of all the elements you have with visibility conditions. So when they are hidden, because the condition is not met, it affects the other elements.

This is a common and known issue. You have to use invisible rectangles to keep the elements in place.

BTW, the more elements you have with visibility conditions in a list, the slower the list will load.

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So I use invisible rectangles in background and for example I put the test/icons on top and should keep the formatting.

Yeap. And group them.

It’s a constant work of trial and error. Trying different setups. But definitely, the solution here involves using invisible rectangles to keep things in place.

Just adding a post that may help here!

If you still can’t figure this out you can send me a DM and I’ll try to fix it!

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