Why do I get different sizes images in a custom list?

Hi there, I’ve created a flow for a free user that can see all products, but some is accessible and some is locked (true/false in database). When the content is locked, I added the lock icon to appear. But now my images show in different sizes, while I want them to have the same height (and width):

Anyone can help me out? I couldn’t find this specific question/answer in the tutorials/help section.

Ps I took these images as dummy images to try out this app. Of course I’ll replace them with my own :slight_smile:

Hi @jannava did you try to change image cropping to fill space?

Hi @jannava,

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I think It’s because there’s nothing when the icon is hidden. For this you can add a rectangle and add a visibility condition visible if the true/false property is false. And group the icon and rectangle.

Same problem.

Thank you

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Thx @m-mrh and @dilon_perera for the quick replies! I have now created a rectangle with the opposite condition and grouped with the lock-icon. Images are now all same size :partying_face:

But I can’t get the icon centered. It’s either to the right or a bit too much to the left. Is this due to the lock & rectangle besides each other?



Great and Your Welcome!

Try putting the rectangle down and icon up.

@dilon_perera somehow that didn’t work for me, but tried many things and finally found it :innocent:

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