Video not playing from adalify link

I am trying to upload and retrieve the video files using adalify but nothing is happening when I use the data.url from retrieval custom action. Can anyone help me with that?

@theadaloguy could probably help with this.


Is the link working to play back in your Web browser?

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It does but directly asked to download the file

Ok so the .mp4 downloads correctly in browser but isn’t working correctly to stream inside your Adalo app? Can you message me the full mp4 link returned so i can test?

I have provided the link in the message

You need the direct link for the MP4 file. The link you gave me looks like another part of the custom action response. If you look at the full response to the retrieve file request, you will see there are many different pieces of data returned that you can use as output. The correct one should end with .mp4 (or the relevant file extension).

( Kota Din Tumi Chile Pashe Karaoke with Lyrics Anupam Roy য কট দন Dwitiyo Purush.mp4)

this is the full link, for some reason its becoming like that while posted

This issue appears to be because of the spaces in the filename. I’m looking into it at the moment, as it should work anyway even if there are spaces.

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It seems a change in the behaviour of the PLYR component - it just seems not to like spaces anymore.

We have made a change so that going forwards the URLs will no longer contain spaces. It should work properly for you now

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Thank You, It’s working now

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@theadaloguy can you help me with this too