Video slider option?

How do I create a video slider? I want to showcase 5-6 videos on the same page and want to give the user an option to scroll through these videos, like in the case of image carousel.

Will request you to kindly help me out if you know to get this done.


Hi All

Request you to help me regarding this query, it is a vital part of the app that I am trying to build, hence it is imperative for me to understand if this can be done in Adalo or not.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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hello @akak

I’m desperately in need of the same type of component and knew it was only a matter of time before someone else needed it, i tried to approach a few Adalo component developers on slack/twitter/YouTube etc. but they are too busy… I then tried to build my own video slider in the adalo developer console, I could patch in using node-js and have all the javascript/HTML and CSS tweaked and ready to test, but I struggled with setting up the manifest files. in the meantime, you can upvote that video/image slider component here:

another example here, but I don’t desire a slider for YouTube( but for actual user uploaded videos/ mp4’s/QuickTime files, FLV’s or AVI’s etc , the ability to shuttle between still images and videos like an Instagram post or a story would be even better) you can preview some source-code here:

lastly an example with both images and videos:

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