The Component Marketplace is Live!

It’s HERE!

Hope you’ve carved out plenty of time today to get busy with the 20+ NEW Components released today :open_mouth:

We’ve been busy behind the scenes & with the help of some amazing third party developers to check off over 1,300 upvotes from our feature requests :exploding_head:

And there’s more! Any React Native Developer is able to begin creating components, too :raised_hands: Want to learn more? Start here :point_right:

One last little request — we launched on Product Hunt today! If you like what you see, wanna give us an upvote? Check it out here!

Which new component are you the most excited for? :thinking:


This is great. I’m testing the image slider component now. Is there any documentation for the marketplace components, and the image slider in particular?

I’m struggling a bit to design the flow to allow users to submit multiple images to the database and then display them within the component.

Thanks in advance for any direction here.

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can any be installed and tested on the free plan ?
answer : yop, at least for what i m testing !
thanks ! :hugs:

This is awesome guys! I’m trying out the Plyr Video component.

I am running into the issue that the database’s “File” type does not seem to accept videos yet (i’m trying mp4), just images and gifs:

Do the makers of Plyr Video have a workaround for this? I note that the Adalo help suggests videos can in fact be uploaded, suggesting maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

Hey Guys,
I don’t see the Image carousel anymore in the marketplace. I’m pretty sure it was there this morning.
Is it just me?

Great Job. I am testing Youtube, i was waiting for “autoplay”, but is not working the autoplay for me. Video it is ok, link is ok, i see youtube video, i can play but we not “autoplay”. data base is from adalo. syncs ok the url. any suggestions?
If you can make 2 min video for each one. for example raitings, but working with external base.
i still cant sync “favorites” withs external base like adalo. so, any new component please make tutorial with external data base airtable please. thanks.

Someone link me to any marketplace tutorials ! :sob: I need them all :rofl:

WE are the tutorials…
(it seems)


It seems to have been renamed to Image Slider and you may need to install it again.

As for tutorials for the new components. There are currently none but we are in the process to create some. Sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime until they are available.

Please let me know if I can help on any specific items for now.


Thanks @Colin ,
The slider magically reappeared in the list this morning.

thanks @Colin! The Plyr Video please. Is it possible to let users upload (or even enter in the db myself) a video that Plyr can play back? See my comment above for more context on the difficulty i ran into while trying to do this.

Very nice, some much needed components are finally here to use. Thanks Adalo Team :slight_smile:

For a specific (and time critical) app we are building right now, we need Stripe’s Identity Verification API to work with our app (user sign-up flow, returning users’ data back to an Adalo app). Can someone here build such a component for us? Happy to pay for your work of course. If so, please send me an email to jeanhoffman {at} mit edu.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Hi @Jean,
A tricky side for Stripe final (improved) component will be its ability to deal with European originating customers data.
1 - Adalo Apps maker - us - will be reliable for the Data storage and management of data from all these customers countries - including credit card storing info.
*The Adalo Team is supposedly working on the server side to comply to these rules but we have not heard about their progress lately :man_shrugging:
2 - you probably will want to have a 2 side - if not 3… - for US and rest of the world customers who are not submitted to such strict regulations…
…or else, just apply the same guidelines to everyone and voila…

Over is the era of the non-worry all you can store of private user’s data… :ghost: :ghost:

This is awesome! So excited for progress bars, image carousel, music player, and others!

Has anyone tried working with these components with an external database? I haven’t been able to play around with this yet, but I’m guessing that’s possible. I’ll start working on my Adalo app next week to find out, but if anyone can confirm in the meantime that’d be really awesome :smiley:

Not quite clear how to use the photo slider? How to upload multiple photos at once? etc

there are live ones people on this forum ???)))

How to use photo slider ???

Hello Nikolay-Puh,

You need to have a collection that has an image property within that. Like below:

Then all you do is select that collection in the component as in the picture below:

Hello, in the Youtube component, the connection with Yotube works fine, but the “autoplay” function does not work.
Does anyone know how to make it work?

  • what should be used? the url of the video or the entire embed code?
  • the autoplay function can be tested in the Adalo preview or would it only work in the published app?
  • the link to youtube is in an external base in airtable.
    -The component works with external bases of airtable?

Can anybody help me?

thank you!