Is Adalo Safe for us and our users?

Is Adalo Safe?

We’ve been thinking is adalo safe?

Because Our Team research in internet gave use nothing.

Is Adalo Secure?

Hope We Got Answers this time.

Hi @recovr and welcome to the community.

What does safe means to you? The concept of safe can vary a lot.

Could you please provide more details? Or be more specific with your question?

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What We meant about being safe is about our email address and safety.

Is Adalo Secure?

We meant for that is it not hackable.?
Cus we use a different app before that does a bit same like adalo.

but the whole site was hacked and yeah. Our team switched to adalo.

thank you - recovr

If it’s not safe then the rest of us are screwed… : )
But to your point, I’ve been using Adalo for the past 18mths with absolutely no problem.
I keep an eye on the forum all day every day and I’ve not seen a single forum post relating to a security issue (that doesn’t mean to say no one has, I’ve just not seen it).
I don’t know how Adalo would stack up against a proper pen test (penetration test by a professional team - often ex-hackers - who attempt to break in and hack your app/site to show security vulnerablilities), but so far it’s all been good.


I See.

Thanks for response

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