Virtual no-code event today!

Hi friends!
As part of launching of where you can sell your solutions to forum questions, templates, tutorials, and other nocode things

You’re invited every Thursday to a virtual no-code coworking, where we meet other makers, chat Adalo, nocode, and learn from each other’s experiences!

We’ve had fun conversations with The Adalo guy, Dilon, and other makers that have been coming.

:point_right:t5: Here’s the link to join: Nocode virtual coworking session

Today’s event will have makers from Adalo, softr, glide, and other no-code communities as well, so it will be a fun chat for sure!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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It was a great no-code meetup today!

Thank you for being part of it and sharing your nocode stories @theadaloguy , @Flawless and @Emeka

Looking forward to next week!


I had a great time meeting some wonderful people. Thanks for hosting it! :sunglasses: