Join the Virtual co-working with other makers

Quick experiment:
Do you want to be on Adalo building things with other people at the same time? Feel free to join the virtual coworking and we can build alongside each other here: (I’ll be here all day, so feel free to pop by just to say hi if you want)

This week I’m building a marketplace for makers to sell templates, custom actions, integromat/zapier scenarios and other no-code things we build across different no-code tools.

I thought it’d be cool to build it while sharing my screen, feel free to join to chat and hang around with other makers as we are building during the day.


Awesome Axel!

Does this happening now?

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yes @dilon_perera :slight_smile:

Would be awesome to meet you there!

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Thanks a lot @axme , nice meeting and chatting with you and looking forward to see it live. @dilon_perera , hopefully we will meet also. Cheers.


@JL_LJ same here, it was a great conversation! I’ll ping you once it’s ready, looking forward to hearing your opinion on it (hopefully in the next 10 days)

if others reading this want to have a small no-code chat, I’m hanging here the whole day would be great to meet you!

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@JL_LJ are you able join again after like 2 hours?

I’m going to join again after 2 hours! I had a great conversation with Axel on afternoon and going again to have another conversation with him.

Hope to see you there!

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@dilon_perera You guys still there?

@dilon_perera has not joined yet, I think he was waiting for you (@JL_LJ ) to join.
Y’all welcome to come on now, we can stay quiet building until all three are here :slight_smile:

(other makers reading this are also welcome to join our no-code hangout, link on top)

I will join within 20mins

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@JL_LJ Dilon and me are here if you want to pass by!

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Hanging out with @dilon_perera and @JL_LJ Join here if you want :


This was a great conversation with Axel and George ( @JL_LJ. I’m sorry if I have entered the name wrongly :sweat_smile: )

It was fun!

I believe still Axel and George are doing the video! I leaved the meeting now due to this power cut in Sri Lanka :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You guys can join still and have fun there!

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Axel there will be another one tomorrow also right? Maybe we ( the makers that present in the meeting ) can answer the forum questions together tomorrow? :face_with_peeking_eye:

that’s a great idea @dilon_perera ! Yes, let’s do it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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No worries, with your answering speed in the forum, we just thought you might have a twin brother :smiley: .Was awesome meeting you.

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Really great idea, not sure I will have time tomorrow, but if I have an opening, definitely will join.

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I’m in the same link building today as well, everyone welcome to pass by here: and chat with fellow makers

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Is this happening regularly?

hi @Emeka… I got a few people asking about it, so let’s do it! Feel free to sign up for the weekly coworking session here: Nocode virtual coworking session


Thanks. I’ll see how many I can attend.

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