[Nocoder event] Patrick Ford, Dilon, The Adalo Guy are coming! Meet no-coders in tomorrow's virtual coworking👩🏼‍💻

Hi everyone :wave:

A few people have DMed me asking if I’ll do another virtual coworking session to meet other no-coders in a virtual space.

Today the one and only @pford also asked if I was doing another virtual coworking… so I had to make it a regular thing.

Every week on Thursdays, I’ll be in the virtual coworking space and you’re more than welcome to join!

If you want to get a reminder about it, feel free to register here and you’ll get the link to the google meet: Nocode virtual coworking session

Looking forward to meeting more nocoders!

In the past coworking session @dilon_perera, @JL_LJ had a great conversation :slight_smile:


Cool Axel! Love to talk with Patrick and other makers! Will definitely participate! Thanks for doing this!


Anything that has @pford’s name on it, I’m in.

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Awesome! I’ll be hanging in the virtual coworking all the time, you’re welcome to pass by or join for the whole session :slight_smile:
Also excited to see that the one and only @theadaloguy is also joining tomorrow, can’t wait :tada:


Haha I’ve committed now, the pressure is on I have to show up :rofl:


Registered! looking forward into meeting you and co-work!

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can’t miss it :joy:

The coworking session is ON for the next 3h :slight_smile: feel free to hop in anytime, link is here: Nocode virtual coworking session


Hello, I just came in and the internet went away, it was payagua

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Oh!! Feel free to come back later

Wow! Today was cool because I met Nathan! :tada: I was too late when joining but I met him and Axel! Hope to see you guys and everyone on the other session!


Thanks for joining today, it was great helping each other on a call!

Hopefully, your internet works next week @Santiago !


Hey @axme
Can I make a suggestion for you upload the sessions to youtube, for those who missed or are in a different timezone?
Thanks :+1:

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What time zone are you in? maybe we can adapt it for you @tjd_15

Thanks! I’m GMT +4. I registered as well but couldn’t make this past meeting.

I meant that these videos would be very useful to all makers (as tutorials, answers to questions, etc.) and would be great to save them as a resource on your channel, and you can post the video links here with the relevant description or topic breakdown etc. Anyone can view them in the future for their specific use case or to solve a problem they’re facing.

Do give it some thought if you think its not too much effort for you. Maybe others from the community can help as well for any topicwise breakdown etc. I certainly dont mind helping.

Regardless, great initiative and hope to make it to an event in the not too distant future!