Visibility rules: are they working on new apps?

have issues with the visibility rules with numbers. for example:

  • When a cart is created → it has no orders inside the cart (from a relationship is empty/zero) → it does not show the list even though it should (I tried with 0 and “is empty” visibility rule). Attaching pictures below.

  • I’ve also tried the visibility rule for another button, where depending on the number of orders inside a cart (relationship > count of related records), it should show a specific button. that is not working (I think it’s not counting/ not fetching that data) and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, is this also happening to other makers?
    I made a video in case it helps:

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @axme ,

Still working for me, I have 5 levels depth.

Thanks @yongki
Are those visibility rules based on item > relationship to that collection item > number/count ?

Based on relationship, yes.

thanks, can you try with the “count feature” and see if it filters correctly? See images attached

Hi @axme,

Are these all buttons except the Continue Shopping 1 button are copied from the Continue Shopping 1 button? If it is can you try removing the condition and add again for that buttons except the Continue Shopping 1 button?

Thank you

I test this in Online Ordering app, it works

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thank you @Yongki and @dilon_perera

I did indeed copy/paste those buttons and after changing it to “always visible” and then adding the conditional visibility it worked.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


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