List visibility with empty field

I have a screen where I want to show the buttons based on a value in the field. But for some reason it keeps showing me the last result even though the values do not match.

I want to show the black button when there is a match that I am accomplishing using the “count” filter

I want to show the white button when there is no match and also by proxy when the input field is empty:

But the result is always the black check mark even though there are no matching values. I noticed that it just shows the latest one by default.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I don’t fully understand the logic.

Could you grab a screen recording (I recommend Loom) explaining?

hi @crystalball,

the problem here is that you have 3 conditions;

  1. already redeemed code - which you already set up the visibility for correctly.
  2. new code - which you also set up correctly.
  3. empty field; this is the case you need to set up. But why do you want to show the white button when the redeeming code field is empty? shouldn’t empty be invalid?

Since you can’t add an OR condition to the visibility rule that controls the black check, simply add another black check right on top of it that is only visible when the input field is empty. SO you have 3 buttons in total. (5)

hope this helps

@charleshope the loom clip - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

@Hanan - Thank you. I tried that and as I show in the clip, the black button (as a list) still shows up even though it doesnt match any records in the database.

Thank you for your help.

hi @crystalball,

I tried another workaround for you, and it did work in my case. Try to make the button only visible when loggedin user count where (code = input)> 0. Then group the button in a group and make the group only visible when the input field is not empty.

check it out:

Thank you helping me figure out this hack.

But definitely an issue for a support ticket. Do you agree?

anytime. I guess it should be a ticket yes. I just need to pinpoint the exact issue; whether it is empty&&other_filter issue or just two conditions on one component.

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