Visibility rules cause lag

I’ve noticed that when I have two or more variations of an element (like a LOGIN and a LOGOUT button) stacked above each other, with visibility rules to determine which one displays, I often see the first one display very briefly before the intended one settles in.

For example, if visibility rules call for the LOGOUT button to be visible, and it is stacked below the LOGIN button, I see the LOGIN button just long enough to read it before it disappears and loads the LOGOUT button.

I’ve also noticed this (and I’ve mentioned it before) that when I have a default placeholder image (like a default profile avatar image) but the particular screen has a different image, the default image appears briefly before the true image settles in.

I’ve been told that this is just something that happens, but it really doesn’t present the user with a professional experience.

Is this a common problem for other developers, and is it on a list of things to be improved? Or does anyone have suggestions on how to avoid the issue?

Thanks so much as always!

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