VisualDev Radio Btn problem - may be buggy?

Hey guys…

I just bought the “VisualDev Radio Btn”. However, I’m not fully getting how to use it. It seems buggy for me.
May someone give me a light?

When I drag and drop on my project and try to edit the text, it just doesn’t as you can see on the image.

Hi @elementttt,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Here’s a video how you can use it! : VisualDev Radio Button.mp4 on Vimeo

Once you type it and preview it you can see it but can’t see it in the editor.

@knight can you help with that?

Thank you

Have you tried expanding the view using the two “circles” at the sides? The text might be hiding.

I still can’t see on preview tab


Maybe @knight could give some advice here?


Yes, I tried but it didn’t work

Hello, I figured out how to show the answers on the preview tab. However, I am still doing something wrong because it’s not showing two radio buttons, but only one with the those answers.

The following images show how I am doing this



What’s under “Radio Button” in the component options? Have you tried adding commas between sim and nao?

I tried but the comma does not create another radio button

Oh…you create two records in “Pergunta 1” collection. One is Sima and One is Nao

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So, for each radiobutton is only one record?



Thank you

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That’s correct.

Thanks for everyone’s help, I was away this week for short holiday, ping me in message or drop me an email if still cannot get it work.


It got fixed :smiley:

@knight since you’re here bro, I would like to ask…

My goal is to create a form using your VisualDev Radio Buttons.

When a user answer the form, based on his answer it will show and hide some available topics on the app menu.

May you give a light on how to do that?

I need some logic here because there are 4 questions and 4 different scenarios based on the answers to those questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you in advance
Have a great day

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Hey Matheus,

Sorry for not getting back soon! But I believe James helped you with that and it’s fixed now! ( Appreciated the help James! )

Something like this? : Radio Button component answers.mp4 on Vimeo

It’s easy creating a questions collection and add a list of questions on the screen but there’s no way to add a action to update a property to store the answer. @knight this will be a feature request for this component :muscle: If you do this in the way that the above video shows you can create some properties on the Users collection and store each radio button group’s value with a button or you can add that action on the back button ( I think that may work ).

Thank you


Thanks, man! your videos are pretty clear, I hope this help for @elementttt use case.
I remember there are some reasons I didn’t put the action when the radio button clicked, will need to check if I can add the action.

Thanks man

I think I figured out a solution based on your video.

I’m going to create a multi-step form with one question per screen

Anytime a user answer one question, it will appear a different button based on the answer

The button will redirect to a different screen with a different question

This way I can show the App Menu I would like to the the user for the scenarios.

Peace (Y)

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