Hello to Adalo! Tips and help nedeed for a loyalty app :)

I found Adalo while searching for no code web app builder.

I have a few app ideas, but the first one is one loyalty program.

I will write here what i would like to build, and maybe someone can share a few tips on where to start.

App is for one client. (i do have a detailed pdf for one app where all business clients would be, but here i will write for only one company)

So, lets say we have a beauty shop.

The owner wants to offer loyalty program to motivate customers to come back, buy services/products and collect points.

1 point = 1$ (or 1 monetary value in the country you live in, in my case Serbia)

User roles:

  1. Business owner
  2. Employees

When i create a new account, i create it for the owner of a company.

Then, he can:

  • register new users
  • create prizes
  • redeem prizes
  • add employee accounts
  • edit company info

Employees can:

  • register new users
  • redeem prizes

So these two roles have different abilities.

“End user” is a customer.

Creating prizes:
We need 3 different prizes with different amount of points nedeed to earn them.
Prize has:

  1. Name
  2. Number of points required
  3. Short description
  4. Image

Adding new users
Business owner and employees can add new users, when they introduce them to their loyalty program. Or online.
I would like to have only email invitation.

  1. Email is entered
  2. We can add new points on the spot (like on the location)
  3. Email confirmation lands in inbox of the user
  4. He confirms, logs into his profile and see the points, info about the company, and prizes that they offer
  5. End user can also finish up their profile, and add full name, phone number and profile image

Adding employees:
Business owner can create accounts for his employees, so they can run the loyalty program but have different abilities.

Collecting points:

  • “end user” comes into the store. She or he buys something and the employee or the owner can find them via name, email or phone number.
  • We add new amount of points
  • Points are calculated
  • When required point threshold is equal or bigger that the amount nedeed, that user can get the prize. Or they can choose to continue collecting the points in order to get a bigger prize (next one)
  • If they want to redeem the prize, we can see the redeem button when we search for them. If they have enough points, we will see what prize they can get. We redeem the prize by tapping the redeem button, and confirming it, maybe with a password. Maybe an email can land into owner email to notify him, and one email to land into customers inbox also.

Ok so this is the plan. I am open to all suggestions, and if you have a better idea, or can help me with some pointers, please do :slight_smile:

Because i dont know where to start :smiley:

Thank you!

Hi tmiletic,

I’m Matzumoto who build the app by Adalo to do the similar thing like you explain.

I let ‘end user’ to signup and when they pay to the business they will get the point.

after they get the point they can redeem their point to the business.

We can talk more if you still want to do it.