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Hi everyone, could someone tell me how to add a warning message to tell the users that they have to choose an option. I’m using true/false componants (in a form on modal screen) and they are supposed to choose 1 or many options to get redirected on a a specific dashboard. I’ve tried to add another modal screen to display the message but the action button (click action) does’nt allow me to put all the conditions needed. What i want to do is to add a link to another modal screen when the user didn’t tick any boxes. do you have a solution for that or do you have a different idea? Thank you.

Hi @mathieunarcisse35,

Before giving a solution needs to confirm that, does these true/false properties located in the Users collection?

Thank you


Sorry for the late reply!

@mathieunarcisse35 check this out! : Toggle Warning.mp4 - Google Drive

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