Was the Stripe Subscription Component Hacked?

Hey, while working on my app, I noticed the stripe subscription component was displaying a weird message, I Deleted it, create new one, same message, was the component hacked? @Adalo_CXTeam


@Adalo_CXTeam , this is really concerning, can you please look at this and let us know what happened? are our apps secure? Security is at stake

@Senuoy, Adalo Team is looking at this!

@Senuoy I’m sorry you encountered this.

I can assure you that the Stripe components were not hacked. One of our devs was using that phrase as a silly debug message during development and it slipped through to production somehow. Fun fact: Our VP of Engineering is named Guislain and is in fact French. Whether or not French perfumes are the best is a matter of opinion.

At 03:06 UTC we rolled back to a previous version of the Stripe Kit components.

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Hi Jake, thanks so much for the reply, I can sleep better now lol, glad it was nothing. French Perfumes are some of the best indeed lol, and Guerlain is the world’s oldest house of perfume, I love their stuff. :grin:


Am encountering difficulty upgrading my account to a paid plan, to enable me complete my app build and publish. its showing, “Stripe not configured”, as error message. Please, i need urgent HELP.