WEB APP custom domain preview problem

Hello everyone,

I published the web app and linked it to the custom domain. But one problem I am trying to solve is that when I write the preview in a chat or somewhere else the preview of the website appears this way:


Is there a way in adalo to edit this? I want to change the “ibda3x web” and “built with Adalo”


go to the app settings on the left side and turn off adalo signature, i think that’s only available if paid plan


What @njimmy10 said.

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Thank you @njimmy10 @charleshope

I removed the banner and it is removed now. To add a custom preview in place I need to edit in google?

You set that up in “App settings”, also on the left menu in Adalo.

You can add a description, an app icon and the app name. That information will be presented when your URL is shared.


Thank you didn’t know that :rofl:

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