Web App Custom Domain SSL Error

I’m getting a “site not secure” error after connecting a custom domain to my webapp.


“This server could not prove that it is ________________ ; its security certificate is from *.adalo.com . This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.”

Hey @jgreenwfc we are currently aware of this issue and looking in to it now

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This appears to be resolved. Thanks everyone!

Hey @zachbharris I am getting the same error, any help is really appreciated

Thanks for solving the situation! @zachbharris

Hi, I also have this problem.

@idealabs This should be fixed now for you.

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Can I get some help with my web app. Got an error - your connection to this site is not secure.

Would appreciate the help.

@Clarebo333 can you DM me the link to your app?

Hello, I am having the same problem (your connection to this site is not secure).
Please help

Thanks and Regards

Can you send me the url please

Hi Colin,
I replied to you on the other thread. It is for the same one: coolskool.io

What registrar are you with? Can you ask them if there are any certificates issued for your domain.

Hi Colin, am with hover.com
Am wondering if the issues are because .io is not a TLD. I just bought coolskool.net, will try setting it up with this domain and see how it goes.

The domain extension should not be the problem at all.

I will get the team to look in to this.

Hi - am linking mine through Wix and get the same issue of it not being secure. How do I fix this?

Hello , same problem with my html
help please

Hi @mina,

It would be helpful if you could provide your subdomain name and the error you get.
The original problem was resolved long time ago. Most of the DNS problems I’ve seen are related to some mistakes in the DNS setup. Please provide more info, this will help to point you to right direction.

Best regards, Victor.

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i send you screen for my space
DNS OR SSL in the hebergement all its OK
Problem Adalo

Hi @mina,

This is interesting. Did you try to re-setup the domain www.bellaqueen.fr in Adalo settings (“Domains” tab)?
Just try to delete it, wait several minutes, and add it again.
And also, move PWA to the original domain and then back to the newly configured one.