Web App Custom Domain SSL Error

I’m getting a “site not secure” error after connecting a custom domain to my webapp.


“This server could not prove that it is ________________ ; its security certificate is from *.adalo.com . This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.”

Hey @jgreenwfc we are currently aware of this issue and looking in to it now

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This appears to be resolved. Thanks everyone!

Hey @zachbharris I am getting the same error, any help is really appreciated

Thanks for solving the situation! @zachbharris

Hi, I also have this problem.

@idealabs This should be fixed now for you.

Can I get some help with my web app. Got an error - your connection to this site is not secure.

Would appreciate the help.

@Clarebo333 can you DM me the link to your app?