Webapp published to custom domain has a ssl certificate error

Please help remove the ssl certificate error which is coming up when i try to log onto my webapp via the custom domain that i setup. the browser warning message is below:

Hey there, I have a few troubleshooting steps to help us get this up and working:

1.) Who is your DNS resolver/host?
2.) Did you get a “Domain connected” message when setting it up in Adalo?
3.) How long ago was this successfully setup?

Thank you for your response, the domain host is bluehost
When I tested the setup it was successful.
The domain was connected last Sunday, 05 September.

Alrighty - a few steps to take here:

1.) Be sure that Enable SSL is enabled for your site (Bluehost uses Lets Encrypt) but I think this should be automatic. Instructions here.

2.) Try adding a slug to the end of your published URL. So instead of https://yoursite.com being the published URL, make it https://yoursite.com/home

3.) If those fail, please try deleting the domain from your Adalo account and re-adding it.

Ok, thanks. It seems I had only connected the domain name, there was no hosting service or actual site created. So I will need to do that first.

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